Steve Adams

Creative designer for Neverblue Media Inc.

I've been working in Victoria, BC, Canada with Neverblue Media Inc. since May of 2010. My job entails designing and developing websites that suit assorted verticals depending on what we require at the same. It's very fast paced, quality oriented, and requires a lot of learning. This makes it one of the most interesting jobs I've had.

Designer and Developer

I've been doing some form of design since I was a kid, but the digital stuff has been happening in some form for about 10 years. It seems crazy to say that now. I primarily use adobe software for both print and web design. When it comes to design on the internet, I have strong frontend coding skills using html, css and javascript. I'm also a developer - I write code using PHP, love working with the Symfony framework, occasionally dabble in ExressionEngine, and have a general understanding of a few other programming languages as well including Ruby, C and Java.

Cyclist, Gardener, Electronics Enthusiast, Dad

My favourite things on the side are early morning bike rides around the ocean, the garden I keep with my girlfriend, hydroponics, my son, and electronics. These are each a life time of interest in themselves and I have no idea how I'll try to keep up with all of it.